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About Us


What a whirlwind- where do we even begin! For years we have had the sizzling urge to get out of town, grow our own food and become a little more self sustainable. We had always had the plan to move our home to a piece of  land and begin farming- the year 2021 just so happened to be that year. We decided the time was now to move our family to the farm and begin living a simpler, yet more content lifestyle. 

With both of us growing up on farms (Maddy originating from Lacombe County and Cody originating from Red Deer County) we knew we would settle right into our roots here on the farm, returning back to some of our old farming practices while adding in some new ones. Our intention is healthy living, this means inside and out. What we put in and around our bodies has a huge impact on our overall health and wellbeing. 

Having both grown up on a farm we knew what it was like to have a natural lifestyle, organically grown food, the love of animals, fresh air and exercise. This inspired us to want to create the same lifestyle with each other for our own children, allowing them the space to grow and play. This is just the beginning; we plan to continue growing and expanding our farm sustainably. 


A note from The Balanced Bohemian

Alongside our farming adventure Maddy also teaches online yoga via zoom. 

Having been a massage therapist (among other healing modalities) for nearly a decade and teaching yoga/ meditation for many years she knows the importance of being active and living a healthy lifestyle. Finding overall balance and well-being is not participating in just one modality but in fact many modalities together. Contact us to learn more. 

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